New Team Rocket Clothing available For Purchase in Pokémon Go!







Hey Trainers! You asked for it, and Niantic heard you! You can now purchase even more clothing items in Pokémon Go – Team Rocket outfits! This includes both Rocket and Rainbow Rocket clothing apparel for your avatar.

The outfits comprise of a Team Rocket cap, long sleeved Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket tops, gray gloves, a belt with the Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket variations, a skirt for the female trainer, pants for the male trainer, and finally, long, gray boots.

These outfits cost quite a lot of gold, so it may take a long time to deck yourself out in full Team Rocket style.

Here is a breakdown of the prices:

Team Rocket Female Outfits


Price in Coins

Team Rocket Cap


Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket Top


Team Rocket Gloves


Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket Belt


Team Rocket Skirt


Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket Boots


Total Price

950 (1650 with variations)

Team Rocket Male Outfits

ClothingPrice in CoinsTeam Rocket Cap100Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket Top400Team Rocket Gloves50Team Rocket Pants100Team Rocket and Rainbow Rocket Boots200Total Price850 (1450 with variations)

Overall, these clothing options are amazing, they are just extremely overpriced. If you really want to sport something Rocket-y the top would be your best bet, as it has the Rocket logo right on the front!

We expect them to be popular despite their price, as these clothing options are definitely a crowd pleaser and a very tempting purchase! 

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