Is Don Don Donki Really A Discount Store?


February 15, 2018

If you’ve not heard of Don Don Donki, you’re missing out on a Japanese grocery paradise. It opened its doors at Orchard Gateway in December 2017 and has created quite a buzz about the unconventional things that we can find at the store. Other than promising that you can find anything and everything there, the Japanese grocery store also promises to be a discount store! When we heard this, we were skeptical. How can Japanese imported goods be cheaper than our supermarkets?

Because Don Don Donki has an online retail platform, we decided to compare it to stores with online platforms as well – Red Mart and honestbee (Fairprice Finest). We wanted to include more supermarkets, like Cold Storage and Giant, but most of the products on this list were not available on their online sites.

We mainly focused on Japanese brands and goods but also sneaked in a few brands that are commonplace in our supermarkets, like Pokka and Kirei Kirei to get a better sense of its pricing.


Here’s a table comparing the common products we found across the stores!

*Available online at

As we collated the results, we were amazed at how low some of the prices at Don Don Donki were, especially compared to the other supermarkets. It’s even more interesting that the imported Japanese goods (like the miso paste) are cheaper than the ones at the supermarkets, if they even carried the products at all.

The only qualm we have about Don Don Donki is that its online range is far more limited than its range at the physical store so we had to make a trip down to Orchard Central to check out the prices because the website did no justice to the range that the store has. The shelves were stocked high with makeup, food, snacks, alcohol, stationery, clothes, household items and more! You will also get to shop along to the Don Don Donki theme song – an experience you won’t get online. We assure that you will be unknowingly humming the tune for the next few days.

If you’re in the area and need to do some grocery shopping, we highly recommend going down to Don Don Donki and checking it out for yourself. There are so many Japanese goodies that you can buy without paying a premium price. It’s definitely the go-to stop for all things Japanese.

Images: Don Don Donki, Red Mart, honestbee

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