HomePods are staining wooden tables with a white ring


Apple’s HomePod is a great sounding but ideologically flawed speaker, but it turns out there’s another major problem with the smart speaker aside from its lack of support for Spotify: apparently the silicon base of the HomePod can damage wooden furniture, with multiple outlets (including The Wirecutter and Pocket Lint) reporting that leaving the speaker on top of wooden surfaces can cause a white ring to form.

Apple has confirmed the issue to The Wirecutter, stating that “the marks can improve over several days after the speaker is removed from the wood surface,” with the company also recommending that users “try cleaning the surface with the manufacturer’s suggested oiling method” if the white rings don’t fade.

Congratulations to everyone on their beautiful HomePods and sorry it secretes a deadly acid that destroys your furniture

— Casey Newton (@CaseyNewton) February 14, 2018

There’s no word on whether or not Apple will be taking steps to fix this problem, replace units, or even what is causing the reaction to occur. But for now, if you’ve got an expensive wooden furniture that you’re a fan of, you might want to keep your HomePod far away from it until there’s more information (or at the very least, maybe invest in a stand).

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