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Woman in China refuses to leave handbag through security, climbs into X-ray machine: Report


DONGGUAN: A woman in China caused a stir when she climbed into an X-ray machine during a security check at a railway station in Dongguan, Guangdong province, local media reported.

Security staff at the station got a shock when they saw an image of a person appearing on their X-ray machine display on Sunday (Feb 11), Pear Video reported.

This turned out to be a woman who – concerned about losing the money in her handbag – climbed into the X-ray machine with it when asked to put the bag through the security check, the report said.

A video shows the woman emerging from the machine and climbing off the belt.

Screengrab of a video showing the woman climbing off the belt of the X-ray machine.

Two X-ray images showed an outline of the woman kneeling on all fours among the luggage on the belt.

Railway staff have warned members of the public not to climb into X-ray machines as radiation in the machines is harmful to people, Pear Video reported.

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