These Are The Latest Pink Shoes That We Are Lusting Over


February 14, 2018

PUMA stole our hearts last year with the debut of its Basket Heart Women’s Sneakers, paying homage to the original Suede silhouette with an added sweet feminine touch with the thick ribbon laces. This Valentine’s Day, PUMA has done it again with its Suede Bow Valentines.

The PUMA Suede Bow Valentine perfectly combines sports and fashion. The peachy pink exudes femininity without being bubble-gum cute and the rugged suede uppers are contrasted by an elegant and soft exaggerated silk bow detail at the heel of the shoes for a bold high fashion look with a chic street edge. Who says you can’t do rugged and elegant or high fashion and street at the same time?

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It’s easy to get caught up in all the fashion trends and the latest in-thing but fashion should always been seen as an extension of one’s personality. If you don’t dress for yourself, you won’t feel comfortable and confident. The best accessory is confidence. That’s why PUMA wants you to #DoYou in its latest campaign – stay true to yourself, make your own rules and never take ‘no’ for an answer.


Strengthened by a sense of fearlessness and and an unapologetic attitude, Cara Delevingne is the perfect front woman for this campaign, inspiring women all over the world to be confident and motivated in all aspects of life, whether it’s a workout, your career or your personal love life. Live your life the way you want to.


At the moment, PUMA has only launched the PUMA Suede Bow Valentines in this colour but they will be releasing it in two more colourways, the Puma Black and Shell Pink, on 26 April.

The PUMA Suede Bow Valentine, $149, is currently available at PUMA outlets (Paragon, Suntec City) and authorised retailers Leftfoot and Limited Edt.

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