The 12 worst movies to ever win Oscars


By Carrie Wittmer


The Oscars rule over the movie industry. But over the years, some stinkers get nominated and some stinkers actually manage to get a win. Movie trends come and go, and while the Academy likes to award lesser-known indie darlings, it’s also known to award cheesey hits that were specifically made to win Oscars (known as “Oscar bait”). And then there are the bad movies that manage to get wins for less competitive categories, like makeup and costumes.

This year, some poorly recieved movies are up for awards, including “Suicide Squad” and “Passengers.” And in 2008, “Norbit,” one of the worst movies of all time, was nomiated for best makeup. Thankfully it didn’t win, but that hasn’t stopped movies that are just as terrible from doing so.

These underwhelming movies put the Oscars to shame by having won even though they didn’t deserve it.

Here are the worst movies that actually won Oscars:

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