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Taiwan’s pedestrian crossing men get ‘girlfriends’ in time for Valentine’s Day: Report


TAIPEI: Some of southern Taiwan’s little green and red pedestrian crossing men have gotten girlfriends, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The first of the new coupled-up pedestrian crossing signals was unveiled in Pingtung county on Tuesday (Feb 13) in an official ceremony, local media reported.

The new signals show an animated red man kneeling down and proposing to his girlfriend and an animated green man holding his girlfriend’s hand and crossing the road, Taiwan News reported.

The crossing signals were designed by the Pingtung county police bureau, said the report, adding that the designer, Cheng Da-wei, said that the signs could make road crossing an exciting thing to do as the little green man has been around for 18 years.

“The change also emphasises Pingtung as a county filled with love,” county mayor Pan Men-an told Taiwan News.

Taiwan News reported last December that the county government had issued a tender document for the new traffic light project. 

The signs will be installed at more than 40 junctions in Pingtung City and then extended to the whole county, according to Taiwan News.

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