Kyogre Raid Boss


Kyogre Raid is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon Go. Kyogre Raid Boss CP is 51968 and Kyogre is easily countered by strong Electric (Raikou is best Kyogre counter) and Grass types. This guide explains the best strategies for fighting Kyogre and goes over Pokémon that counter Kyogre.

Kyogre’s Max Raid Capture Combat power is as follows:

  • 2328 (no weather, level 20, perfect IV)
  • 2910 (rainy weather, level 25, perfect IV)

No legendary Pokémon is soloable, so Kyogre is not either. Around 4-5 trainers are required to defeat a legendary raid boss. Kyogre’s attacks are boosted by rainy weather.

Written by JLiaw, formatted by GO Hub staff

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