Kyogre normal and shiny sprites added in game: we are now ready for release







Trainers, Kyogre is feature complete and ready for release! Earlier today Chrales (a data miner from the PoGODev discord channel) shared that Kyogre’s 2D normal and shiny sprites are now in the game, filling the last requirement for its release.

For your viewing pleasure:

With this addition, Kyogre is ready to be released at any given moment. However, we are not expecting Kyogre before Groudon raids have finished — last time Kyogre and Groudon were awake at the same time, it did not end well, did it? <a mysterious link appears>

Groudon is available until 1:00 p.m. PST on January 15, 2018.

Existing Kyogre info

Kyogre release has been slowly teased for a while now, so the amount of information we have on Kyogre is substantial:

  • Kyogre will feature only one quick move: Waterfall


    . Before January 5th 2018, Kyogre had access to Dragon Tail


    as its second quick move, but Niantic decided to remove it, nerfing Kyogre’s potential as a Dragon counter.

  • Kyogre’s entire movepool is quite interesting, featuring multiple type options and having only 1 bar charge moves:
    • Waterfall



    • Hydro Pump


      (1 bar, charged)

    • Blizzard


      (1 bar, charged)

    • Thunder


      (1 bar, charged)

  • Kyogre capture encounters are going to be around the same difficulty as Groudon, however, Kyogre is closer than Groudon:
    • Kyogre’s camera distance is 6, while Groudon’s is 7
    • 2% Base Capture Rate
    • performs action (jump/attack) in 0.2 to 1.6 second intervals
    • dodges (jumps) last for 1 second

In terms of expected performance, Kyogre will be the strongest Water type up to date, topping both Gyarados, Vaporeon and Milotic. We can’t emphasize its importance enough — be sure to get a good Kyogre while you can, especially if you missed out on previous legendaries.

We also have a ton of reading for understanding and countering Kyogre:

More Info: