Cast Your Vote For The Next Presidential Elections With These “Oprah For 2020” T-Shirts


January 11, 2018

Oprah’s done it all — she’s dominated daytime TV with her some-30-year legendary eponymous talkshow bridging communities and discussing taboos revolutionary of its time, created her own network catchily titled OWN with programmes tracking celebrities’ personal challenges and changing everyday people’s lives, starred and been nominated for various culture-shifting films like The Colour Purple and Selma, and have given all of us Pontiac G6’s (some of us) — with every major milestone carved herself.

Many have looked to her as a beacon of inspiration in the past, but after she delivered her empowering Cecil B. de Mille award acceptance speech on Sunday at the Golden Globes, some have even considered her potentially presidential. While Oprah’s bestie Gayle King’s denied the possibility of her running for office in 2020, meme experts Pizza Slime and Fuck Jerry seem to think otherwise. In fact, such is the political landscape that putting slogans on a T-shirt is as vocal as you can get that they’ve come up with some Diet-Prada worthy merch in support of Oprah’s to-be 2020 campaign.


Aesthetically, these Pizza Slime x Fuck Jerry merch model after the Balenciaga slogan tees that trended everywhere in 2017 which incidentally ripped off the campaign posters of Bernie Sanders the year before that. If Seth Meyers did in fact convince Trump to run the campaign he won during his White House Correspondent’s speech, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched in the current climate to see a more popular and undoubtedly more well-liked celebrity run for office in the future… we’re waiting for our “Tom Hanks for VP” tees next!

Header image: Pizza Slime

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