A comprehensive guide on how to trigger EX Raids


Step #1: Discovering your local S2 cell geometry

EX Raids can only occur once inside each S2 cell that passes over your local area. S2 cells are a simple mathematical way to describe a sphere’s geometry. S2 cells come in different sizes, often denoted as levels, and they are often used by developers to create zones on spherical objects, like the planet Earth.

Niantic uses them to control weather, create gyms, define Pokémon catch / hatch locations, etc… For this step we’ll be using the Level 12 S2 cell geometry.

A company named Sidewalk Labs created an incredible tool that draws Level 12 cells over a Google Map. Head over to their Region Converter and do the following:

  1. Navigate the map to your local area (our example, Split)
  2. Set the parameters in the top left box to: min level 12, max level 12, max cells 10
  3. Use one of the drawing tools (square, circle, pin) to select a map area where you want to visualize Level 12 S2 cells

Now that you can see your local S2 cells, remember that an EX Raid can only occur once per cell per cycle. Raiding 100 gyms inside one cell doesn’t benefit you as much as raiding a dozen of eligible gyms in a higher number of cells.

In the next step, we’ll see how to identify eligible gyms.

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