Pokemon GO Star Piece


What does the code say about Star Piece?

After analyzing the code, we found several interesting tidbits of information about Star Piece. Without particular order, here are our observations:

  • Star Piece is the first item in a new item category: Stardust Boost
  • Star Piece can’t stack, only one Stardust Boost buff can be active at once and there are additional error handlers in place, similar to how Lucky Eggs are treated in the code base
  • Star Piece utilizes a multiplier to produce additional Stardust. The multiplier is set by the game’s server, not by the client app. A clever way to prevent cheating!

Our thoughts on Star Piece

When we initially discovered Star Piece assets in the 0.85.1 APK, we were quite frankly confused. For one, we did not expect that Niantic would go ahead and offer a solution for the growing Stardust deficiency problem. Secondly, we did not expect to see such an elegant solution as offering a timed booster.

Are we salty that it’s a store item? No, not really. The new weather system will give free-to-play players a mechanism to gain increased Stardust, while items like Star Piece are an interesting addition for players willing to spend real money.

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