Groudon Raid Boss


Picking Groudon’s counters is difficult. Groudon doesn’t have a double weakness, it doesn’t have a glaring flaw, nor does it have an inherent counterpart aside from Kyogre. We are banking on a mix of Solar Beam / Hydro Pump wielders that take normal or reduced damage from Groudon’s moves. We expect that some raids with particular Groudon movesets will be a very challenging fight, a lot harder than a Solar Beam Ho-Oh.

After analyzing Groudon’s move pool from previous main series Pokemon games, we expect Groudon to have access to the following quick and charge moves:

  • Iron Tail 



  • Mud Slap 



  • Fire Blast 


    (charge, one bar)

  • Solar Beam 


    (charge, one bar)

  • Earthquake 


    (charge, three bars)

With that in mind, you can see why picking a solid Groudon counter can be difficult. As Solar Beam is basically a guaranteed charge move for Groudon (lore-wise), we are expecting Groudon to be a better version of the dreaded “Solar Beam Ho-Oh”. When you combine Solar Beam with Groudon’s absurd Attack stat (297), it’s guaranteed it will melt any opponent that takes normal or super effective damage from grass moves.

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