Pokémon Go Gets Update with Third-Gen Pokémon and Real-World Weather Effects


Based off the Hoenn region from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the update will feature new Pokémon like Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip – third-gen starters that, you guessed it, are of the standard grass, fire, and water variety, as well as a selection of other cute pocket critters. It’s the weather, however, that brings about the biggest gameplay change.

Now, certain Pokémon types will get stronger in various weather conditions – including CP level and battle readiness. For instance, if your Charizard is battling when it’s hot and sunny, you can expect its power to be boosted dramatically. The same concept applies if you’re using a Lapras on a rainy day, or an Articuno when it’s snowing.


And because of these weather changes, it’ll get tougher to catch certain Pokémon too. Whereas once upon a time, catching a Squirtle may have been fairly easy on a “normal” day, but when the rain starts pouring, you can expect to give those Pokéball throws a few more tries.

It’s highly unlikely that this will propel Pokémon Go back to its former top dog status of must-download mobile game, but there’s no denying that the new update will make gameplay a whole lot fresher. And it comes at a good time too, as Niantic is busy rolling out a new Harry Potter AR game, so it’s interesting to note how they’ll handle this new update.

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Images: Niantic

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