Pokemon GO Delibird: release date, Holiday 2017 event and moves


Delibird release date

In an interview with TechCrunch, Archit Bhargava (Niantic’s Global Marketing Lead) confirmed that a special Holiday event will take place in-game starting around December 21, 2017.

TechCrunch has a solid reputation of being a primary source of Silicon Valley news and Bhargava has a history of hinting big releases in a pretty much unmistakable fashion (the now infamous “This summer will be legendary” statement).

Although Bhargava hasn’t confirmed that Delibird will be a part of the event, we believe that Delibird will be released as a special event only capture, accompanying the inevitable Christmas and New Year’s Box sales.

We are basing our claim on a few solid arguments:

  • Delibird’s signature move Present was added in 0.85.1, similar to how Ditto’s Transform was added prior to its release
  • Full support for the Present fast move is in the APK, including the sound effects and required textures
    • present_fast game object
    • mesh_present.png
    • 217-0_present audio clip

  • The new Holiday 2017 loading screen features a flying present and a suspicious red ball hiding behind the Christmas tree, as spotted on Twitter

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