Fry Pan Shokudo: This Little Japanese Store in a Food Court Serves Golden Deep-Fried Katsus of Restaurant Quality


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Published on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 00:00
Written by Cheryl Teo Kai Lin


Seductively laid out in cast-iron pans, emanating the distinctively sweet and savory aroma of deep-fried batter, and attracting the attention of ravenous eyes with its striking golden-brown hue, Fry Pan Shokudo’s katsus and other deep-fried Japanese favorites have taken over the Japanese Foods Garden in Isetan’s Scotts Food Republic with its restaurant-quality food.


Fry Pan Shokudo, which translates into Fry Pan “Canteen”, is an authentic Japanese eatery that serves katsu-concepts at extremely affordable prices. The Japanese cutlets are beautifully plated on miniature black ceramic-coated frying pans to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the mouthwatering dishes.


fry pan shokudo


This little humble eatery was conceptualized by Mr. Taka Daiya, who formerly ran a restaurant in Los Angeles frequented by professional tennis player Maria Sharapova, as well as guitarist and singer-songwriter Eric Clapton. So you know that Fry Pan Shokudo is serious about serving top quality Japanese cutlets, and it’s not just your usual run-of-the-mill store trying to jump onto the Japanese cuisine bandwagon here in Singapore.


The menu features various deep-fried snacks and meals, and stays true to its namesake, serving up what canteens in Japan usually feature.


Jumbo Tendon with Soup, $12


fry pan shokudo


fry pan shokudo


The rice bowl is generously piled high with three prawns, one slice of chicken breast, two long beans, one sweet potato wedge, one stick of carrot and one baby corn all coated in tempura batter and deep-fried to a pale yellow gold. The prawns are huge, springy and juicy, and the tempura batter that thoroughly coats each ingredient is wonderfully savory and flavorful with a crisp yet thin texture.


Chicken-Namban Set Meal, $10


fry pan shokudo


fry pan shokudo


We couldn’t taste any hint of the namban (a sweet vinegar soy sauce) but these juicy and savory chunks of deep-fried chicken thigh topped with a rich and creamy tartar sauce are hella delicious all the same. The chicken karaage is crispy and crunchy, and the meat within is incredibly succulent and tender. The tartar sauce, incorporated with bits of hard boiled egg, adds a rich and creamy, yet refreshing wash of flavor to the chicken bites.


Salmon Katsu Set Meal, $9


fry pan shokudo


fry pan shokudo


While the panko crumbs and salmon skin are savory and crunchy, the salmon itself falls flat on the palette with its lackluster flavor and rather dry interior. This dish is salvagable by dousing it with the katsu sauce available at the counter, but not something we will recommend.


Miso Pork-Katsu Set Meal, $10


fry pan shokudo


fry pan shokudo


The flaky panko breakcrumbs perfectly complement the soft, buttery and fatty pork that bursts forth with juices. The miso sauce ladled on top of the cutlet is thick, sweet and umami, adding multi-dimensional flavors and textures to the crumbly and succulent pork cutlet.



Fry Pan Shokudo


Address: 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #B1-01, Japan Foods Garden (Inside Food Republic)

Hours: 10am – 9.30pm



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