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Couture Ideals Translated Through Reasonably Priced Garments With Social Impact


Photo courtesy of Mestiza New York

There are a total of 2,000 women in the world who are able to afford haute couture, according to recent studies. Of this number, only 200 are regulars. The debate on whether couture is dead or not has not fully reached its final conclusion. The numbers, however, suggest a dismal “yes” to issue under debate.

Haute couture is, to say the least, costly. Depending on fabric, design and fashion house, a gown can fetch between $10,000 to $100,000. That they are customized, handmade from start to finish and takes from 100-700 hours to make are just a few of the reasons that explain why haute couture is not for everyone. Ready-to-wear alternatives, therefore, become the more obvious and practical alternative.

Photo courtesy of White Honey

Founders of Mestiza New York, a women’s clothing line specializing in couture-like party dresses begins, “When we launched Mestiza New York, we noticed that affordable couture-like cocktail attire or what we call ‘commercial couture,’ was difficult to find. We saw an underserved retail market for elevated garments with the same attention to craft and detail as designer labels, but at a non-intimidating price-point, for girls like us with a normal income.”

Alessandra Perez-Rubio and Louisa Rechter, who both share an affinity to the Philippines, decided to launch Mestiza New York with the intention of creating beautiful party or cocktail dresses inspired by well-heeled ladies of the 60s in the Philippines. Heritage played common thread for the business partners who also agreed that their work had to integrate strong social component.

Photo courtesy of Mestiza New York

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