Samsung is Making Storage Space Huge Again with New 512GB Chip


December 6, 2017

If you’re a TV junkie, you may have come across a show called Storage Wars. It’s basically a series about treasure hunters selling repossessed goods at crazy profits. But in reality, there’s a whole different kind of storage war going on, and it’s one that’s being fought ferociously between smartphone companies.

Welcome to the war of storage space, a skirmish that’s currently being dominated by Samsung. The tech giant has just announced production of the world’s first 512GB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS), meaning that its future flagship phones will have double the space of what’s currently available in the market. First blood, definitely drawn.


Right now, the gold standard for smartphones is 256GB, although the new 512GB chip trounces that easily. It reportedly will give new Samsung phones unparalleled storage capacity, with the ability to cram 130 10-minute 4K video clips in a single chop (to put that in perspective, a 64GB chip can only store 13 such clips).

And it goes without saying that the new chip will boost speed and performance as well. For instance, a 5GB HD video can be transferred to a hard drive in about six seconds, while Samsung claims the chip has an energy-saving circuit design, so it’s unlikely that your battery will suffer major drainage from performing demanding tasks.

If you’re mind-boggled as to what the hell you can do with all that extra space (there’s no reason to complain though), you’ll be pleased to know that Samsung has also announced that it will ramp up production of phones with the 256GB chip.

In other tech news, SanDisk launches the world’s largest microSD card.

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