Clarks and Columbia Are The Latest Brands To Debut Star Wars Collections


December 5, 2017

Yesterday we announced Deliveroo’s The Dark Side menu, of burgers, cakes and shakes. But before we could wipe off barbecue sauce from our fingers, we caught wind of two new launches from Clarks and Columbia, who’ve tapped into the hype of the upcoming Star Wars installation and captured our attention to want to covet pieces from both collections (insert heart eyes emoji)!

Star Wars x Clarks


Sand, Dark Grey, Black Camo

Remember how J.J. Abrams’ convinced us to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi with his mission to include strong female roles and represent social minorities? We’re not the only ones counting on him to deliver — Clarks has come out with a line of 3 combat boots resembling the actual footwear adorned by our all-time favourite heroine Rey, putting Abrams up to the task. These boots look like the kind of gear you’d wear to play football in Outer Space, and their scuffed quality inspire us to pursue an intergalactic adventure of our own.

For die-hard fans, these might not be suitable for actual walking because they’re extremely limited edition! With only 18 pieces total in-store, we’d personally prefer them shelved next to our favourite Star Wars figurines!

The Star Wars x Clarks collection will be made available only at the ION Orchard outlet starting 1 December 2017.

Star Wars x Columbia

Now that we’ve got your feet covered (or not, sorry!) these jackets are the perfect gear to hype us up for battle. These jackets aren’t as transportive than our VR experience at Zero Latency, but they definitely look more realistic in connecting us with our favourite movie universe. It’s practical enough for us to wear them on vacation, if not for the weird stares we’d probably get from passersby wondering which planet we got there from.

The Star Wars x Columbia will be made available in Columbia brand stores 8 December 2017.

Header image: Schmoesknows

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