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Amazon Prime membership debuts in S’pore at S$2.99 with shortcomings


Amazon is offering Amazon Prime membership for Singapore inhabitants.

The first month is free. The introductory rate is S$2.99.

Membership comes with access to the Amazon Video streaming service and Twitch Prime.

A local Amazon Prime membership now allows the purchase of items from Amazon US. Free AmazonGlobal Saver Shipping service to Singapore has ended.

Bad news

As all good things come to an end, so here’s the bad news:

1) The free two-hour shipping for Amazon Prime Now SG has now been made available only to Amazon Prime members. This means you cannot buy anything from Amazon Prime Now SG at all unless you sign up as a member.

2) Prime membership only provides access to free shipping and Amazon Video. There is no access to Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Reading.

3) There is no Amazon SG website at the moment, which means no shopping on browser on a laptop. Amazon shoppers only have access via the Amazon Prime Now SG mobile app.

4) The items available for international shipping from Amazon US are a fraction of what used to be available under Global Free Shipping. These items can be browsed under the new International tab on the mobile app.

5) For purchases over S$60 under the International tab, free shipping policy is available to all Amazon Prime Now SG members. But the variety of items is a fraction compared to before.

6) The usual monthly subscription is S$8.99. It is not known when the S$2.99 offer will end.

7) There is no cheaper annual subscription fee option, unlike in the United States.

8) One of the hardest hit segments are gamers.

Singapore Prime members have a paltry video games selection now and there is no longer a 25 percent pre-order discount.

The only option now is to pre-order on the US site and pay for regular shipping.

Implications for now

Customers in Singapore are being denied access to items they could buy before at an affordable rate.

Amazon is basically saying, we now have local store (sort of), but you have to pay more.

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