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December 6, 2017

Spotify’s Picks

It didn’t take Pixar’s latest blockbuster Coco for us to know how music can create such personal connections, and Spotify’s our go-to for fuss-free streaming wherever we may be. As 2017 draws to an end, we’re reminiscing our favourite jams throughout the year, from club hits that overcame our phobia of dance to tearjerkers accompanying us through tough times.

Most Streamed Tracks in Singapore Playlist

Shape of You


We were all jittery with anticipation when we found out Ed Sheeran was releasing his latest album Divide earlier this year, and boy did his first two singles Shape of You and Castle On The Hill immediately send our hearts aflutter. While he’s better known for his soothing ballads, Shape of You took a more upbeat route while retaining the running theme of romance that has been a large factor of his resonance. And of course we love his husky voice which makes the concept of love so much more relatable and paired back.

Awarded: Most Streamed Track Globally (1st place), Most Streamed Track in Singapore (1st place)

Other Ed Sheeran Awards: Most Streamed Artist Globally (1st place), “Divide” Most Streamed Album Globally (1st place), Most Streamed Artist in Singapore (1st place), Most Streamed Male Artist in Singapore (1st place), “Divide” Most Streamed Album in Singapore (1st place), “X” Most Streamed Album in Singapore (4th place)

Something Just Like This

EDM has become a music mainstay for much of the 21st century (hopefully we won’t look back at our youth and cringe) and The Chainsmokers have been nailing it with their string of hits since they emerged into the pop culture vernacular last year. They enjoy pulling from different tiers of singers, and we do as well watching how their auras gel together. Something Just Like This has been on repeat when we’re feeling the feels and giving us just the right amount of beats to jive to while we’re at it.

Awarded: Most Streamed Track in Singapore (2nd place)

Other Chainsmokers Awards: Most Streamed Artist Globally (5th place), Most Streamed Artist in Singapore (3rd place)

Other Coldplay Awards: Most Streamed Group Globally (1st place), Most Streamed Artist in Singapore (4th place)


Justin Bieber’s voice is like the Midas touch of chart-topping, and his remix version of popular Spanish singer Luis Fonsi’s hit Despacito thwarted it from a success in Mexico to a hot favourite on everyone’s playlists. At this point we’re kind of like uggghhh! when we hear it in public, but that’s not like it stops our hips from swaying violently from side to side. And we don’t promise to know all the words to the song.

Awarded: Most Streamed Track Globally (remix version—3rd place, original version—4th place), Most Streamed Track in Singapore (3rd place)

New Rules

We first Dua Lipa’s incredible vocals on Martin Garrix’s Scared To Be Lonely, but the pop singer’s since moved on to grow incredibly fast with her solo career. Particularly with New Rules, an anthem for romantic independence, we always feel like our bodies are being summoned to the dance floor (or any floor, for this instance) and made to act like we’re the girl who invented the Ju Ju On That Beat routine.

 Dua Lipa Awards: Most Streamed Female Artist in Singapore (3rd place)

Honourable Mentions

Here’re the songs that we’re honestly surprised didn’t make the cut but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed listening to. They’re produced by singers who’re relatively new (some of them we’ve never heard of until recently) but am counting on them blasting into success very soon, if not now.

Bad and Boujee

We all recall that hilarious video of Ellen’s audience gyrating wildly to Migos and gang’s live performance of the phenomenally popular Bad and Boujee. The winner of the BET Award for Best Collaboration is our favourite hip hop artist to have broken into the scene as of late, and we love shouting “Rain drop, drop top” and “Skrt skrt!” which is silly without context but it gives us a good mood so why not right?


We didn’t know the MTV Video Music Award for Best Fight Against the System even existed, but we’re glad it does and even more so that Logic bagged it this year. A well-deserved bestowment should go to a well-deserved man, and Logic’s dedication to standing up against bullying is impressively emotional and culture-shifting. The title of the song is actually the hotline to Trevor Project, an organisation dealing with disenfranchised teens of the LGBT community and suicide prevention. Of course, that doesn’t discount his talent, which in the song managed to move a nation.

Bodak Yellow

Her hit single may be Bodak Yellow, but we all know Cardi B’s favourite colour is Louboutin-Red. The winner of the 2017 BET Award for Best Hip Hop Artist has been slaying the rap game (sorry Nicki Minaj) in 2017, and her recent crazy glamorous engagement with Migos has us green with envy at how successful life seems for her right now. Her latest collaboration with Juicy J has us dazed with question marks in our minds, but we have no doubts how talented this young girl is.

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