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Service disruption continues till evening rush hour; No train services on Joo Koon and Tuas Link on Thursday


Source: PK Twitter account.

Following the huge backload of passengers on Circle Line (CCL), East West Line (EWL) and North South Line (NSL) due to EWL’s train collision at Joo Koon and CCL’s signal fault, commuters are subjected to further delays in their journey during Wednesday afternoon and evening, especially on EWL and NSL.

SMRT announced at around 7.30pm that train service between Tuas Link and Joo Koon will be suspended on Thursday with free bus bridging service available all day.

At 1:58pm the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT) tweeted there was no train service between Boon Lay and Tuas. Free regular bus and bridging bus services are available:

[EWL] UPDATE: No train service between #BoonLay and #TuasLink. Free regular bus and bridging bus services are available between #BoonLay and #TuasLink. Please seek alternative transport: We are sorry that your journey has been affected.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

Though SMRT announced service disruption was only along EWL but several commuters tweeted their displeasure over the announcement, stating that the trains are not moving and that there is also service disruption at NSL.

.@SMRT_Singapore what’s causing the delay on the NS Line at the moment? Waiting at every station for 5 mins…

— Verrell Tan (@lammified) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore fail. Just fucking fail. Trains not even moving.

— Lęšłįê Ÿęø (@yeo_leslie) November 15, 2017

SMRT, despite your best efforts, we remain unmoved. #SMRT #SMRTBreakdowns #trackfail

— Marc Nair (@marcnair) November 15, 2017

From jurong to yishun it usually takes like 45mins or fastest 30mins. Aku smpi 1 hour later la siaaaaaaaal. Go job smrt

— Eersalyi (@asreespongypant) November 15, 2017

At 17:05 SMRT again tweeted their delay, this time due to ‘fewer trains serving the NSL this evening’:

[NSL]: Due to fewer trains serving the NSL this evening, please cater additional 15 minutes train travel time. Free bridging bus services from #Bishan to #Yishun (one way) and free regular bus services between #Bishan and #Yishun (both directions) are available.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

Followed by another tweet 10 minutes later:

[EWL] UPDATE: Train services between #BoonLay and #TuasLink have resumed but are running slower. Commuters travelling between #JurongEast and #TuasLink are advised to cater additional 10 minutes travelling time.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

And still on 5:45pm SMRT posted time adding tweet:

[NSL] UPDATE: Pls add 25 mins train travel time when commuting on the NSL. Free bridging bus services from #Bishan to #Yishun (one way) and free regular bus services btwn #Bishan and #Yishun (both directions) are available. Pls seek alternative transport:

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

Commuters were really disappointed and posted their grievance:

Why your captain stop at all stations for like 5-10mins on the NS line. Waiting to collide with train again ah? @SMRT_Singapore not peak hour but people are travelling to their destination leh.

— SiNLoNG (@IAmRazorrection) November 15, 2017

Very hard to board as too crowded in boonlay better use buses or taxi to get back home

— shyam senthil (@shyamremo) November 15, 2017

Free busses to Yishun !!! How about those who need to travel to stations after Yishun ???

— Nic CH Ong (@nicongch) November 15, 2017

It is average 10min per station….. Took 30min move from Dhoby Ghuat to Newton….

— Mony (@Mony19998) November 15, 2017

Im a 22 yo guy. And my legs are in pain, standing from Raffles Place to AmK. I wonder what would it be like for seniors who had to stand in a packed smrt train with average of 5 -7 mins stalling on every station?

— Shahrul Nizam (@nizaMaster) November 15, 2017

I wish it was only 25 minutes! Did you mean 1 hour and 25 minutes? This is a mess.

— Cade (@try_life) November 15, 2017

And to top its last tweet SMRT again posted at 6:29pm:

[NSL] UPDATE: Pls add 40 mins train travel time when commuting on the NSL. Free bridging bus services from #Bishan to #Yishun (one way) and free regular bus services btwn #Bishan and #Yishun (both directions) are still avail. Commuters are advised to take alternative train lines.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

The service disruption did not go well with the tired commuters:

Sorry but no. FIX YOUR DAMN TRAINS FIRST?! 3 delays in a day hello? And 23 PASSENGERS were injured in your train crash that YOU didn’t even REPORT. Must wait until the news outlet report only.

— Francine (@MouldyLatte) November 15, 2017

huh? wat sort of claptrap nonsense is this? fewer trains?? 2 trains collided on the green line and end up nsl got fewer trains? 🤦🏽‍♂️👏🏽

— Zulkarnain Zainiddin (@marxedes) November 15, 2017

I live in AMK. What alternative line am i supposed to take?????

— Irman (@itzdjman) November 15, 2017

There are NO alternative train line to the north. ><

— Wee Yong (@weylim) November 15, 2017

If time does indeed equal to money, then SMRT should actually be paying us instead for wasting our time being stuck due to daily train breakdowns.

Commuters should not be paying transport fare.

— Avinash Raina (@AviRaina) November 15, 2017

CCL was affected too:

Train delays on the Circle Line as well.😡😡😡😡😡😡 Our MRT system is really an utter farce right now. Hang your heads in shame, #SMRT!!

— Emme (@Reform_MUFC_) November 15, 2017

Tweets continued to pour onto twitter, painting the picture of the suffering crowds:

Jurong east is full of people waiting for a train to Marina Bay

— Darkskye08 (@Darkskye08) November 15, 2017

So there are bus services only between yishun & bishan, but… your entire line is more or less dead? How does tt even work @SMRT_Singapore

— Teryne (@ryneim) November 15, 2017

Today no issue for smrt. Just fewer trains in operation. So make this 40min extra for everyone!! And. Smrt decided to reduce the service train in the peak hour. Clever!

— KK (@AngusChoo) November 15, 2017

i’m so worried that i’d be delayed and late for my exam papers bc of your inefficient transport system

— Constance Micaela Ng (@ConnnMicaela) November 15, 2017

a thing I really want @SMRT_Singapore to answer today: why weren’t bridging buses deployed for the entire day?

— ng yi shu, vol. 4.1 (@theyishusblog) November 15, 2017

I think you mean additional 15 mins at each stop. So we need to do the math? 🙄 its like a battlefield SMRT.. every single day.

— Nursabrina (@Nursab86) November 15, 2017

Tired after a Long day of working and without food all I need is a quick journey home and YET the “BEST PART” is train fault and an additional of 40 min in the journey home . Home is 1hr 30min 🤬… good job smrt! You did a Great JOB !#SMRTBreakdowns #smrt

— jh (@lim_j_h_89) November 15, 2017

Just for your info.. it took me 2 hours from #Cityhall to reach #Admiralty. So do tell me why you only advise 40 mins train delay?!?!?!

— randomthoughts (@monrandomthoug1) November 15, 2017

SMRT stopped the free bus 110 minutes after its last tweet and  jh’s tweet showed a staff at Raffles MRT station explained how the delay was calculated:

[NSL] UPDATE: Free regular bus and bridging bus services between #Bishan and #Yishun have ended.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

raffle place staff says the delay is because every stop the train is going to stop for two min thereby 40 min delay ,advice me to go to EW Line to Jurong .. yet stuck for 12 min because of the waiting time at JE. stupid for me to listen for the advise #smrt it make no difference

— jh (@lim_j_h_89) November 15, 2017

And finally a couple of disheartening tweets:

[EWL]UPDATE:Train svcs btwn #JooKoon & #TuasLink will be suspended tmr. Free regular bus & bridging bus svcs will be avail btwn #JooKoon & #TuasLink all day tmr. Plan your journey early & cater for additional train travel time on EWL.Alternative transport:

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

[NSL] UPDATE: Due to fewer trains serving the NSL tmr, pls add 40mins train travel time. Free bridging bus svcs from #Yishun to #MarinaSouthPier (one way) and free regular bus svcs between #Yishun and #MarinaSouthPier (both directions) are avail from the start of train service.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

peixiang gave a sound reaction to these tweets:

Pls no scam, better prepare for 2 hrs delay

— peixiang (@zhongpeixiang) November 15, 2017

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