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NSL, EWL and CCL under SMRT, all down with severe disruption on the same morning


Source: PK Twitter account.

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) reported this morning that two of its lines, Circle Line (CCL) and East-West Line (EWL) were experiencing delays. CCL experienced signal fault resulting in a huge backload of passengers while EWL had a train collision at Joo Koon resulting in commuters and staff injured. North-South Line had complaints of delay, likely as a result of the service disruption from the other lines.

At 6.28 am on Wednesday (15 November), it tweeted that its trains along CCL were moving slower between Botanic Gardens and Haw Par Villa due to a signal fault train.

[CCL]: Due to a signal fault trains are moving slower between #BotanicGardens and #HawParVilla. We are investigating the fault.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 14, 2017

It then asked commuters to add 20 minutes travelling time between Buona Vista and Harbour Front on both bounds due to a signal fault.

[CCL]: Due to a Signal fault between #Farrer Road and # Buona Vista .Pls add 20mins train travel time between #Buona Vista and HarbourFornt on both bounds.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 14, 2017

SMRT then stated that free regular bus services were available between Farrer Road and Kent Ridge and between Paya Lebar and Harbour Front.

[CCL] UPDATE: Free regular bus services are available between #FarrerRoad and

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 14, 2017

[CCL]UPDATE: Free regular bus services are available between #PayaLebar and

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 14, 2017

Two hours after the first tweet on CCL, and while the disruption on that line still occurred, SMRT then posted another tweet which stated that its EWL was also experiencing delay due to a train fault at Joo Koon and asked commuters to add 20 minutes travelling time between Jurong East and Joo Koon. It is known by Wednesday afternoon, that the train was, in fact, a collision between two trains at Joo Koon MRT stations.

[EWL]: Pls add 20mins train travel time btwn #JurongEast and #JooKoon due to a train fault at #JooKoon. Train svc is available.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

Minutes later, it then stated that the fault along CCL has cleared, however, it noted that trains and stations were crowded. Therefore, due to congestion, it asked commuters to add 5 minutes travelling time towards Harbour Front, noting that free regular bus services were still available.

[CCL] CLEARED: Fault cleared but trains and stations are crowded. Due to congestion, pls add 5mins travel time towards #HarbourFront. Free regular bus service still available.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

SMRT then announced that free regular bus services ere also available between Jurong East and Tuas Link.

[EWL] UPDATE: Free regular bus svcs btwn #JurongEast and #TuasLink.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

It then tweeted asking commuters to add 30 minutes travelling time between Jurong East and Tuas Link and that the trains services were still available.

[EWL] UPDATE: Pls add 30mins train travel time btwn #JurongEast and #TuasLink due to a train fault at #JooKoon. Train svc is available.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

An hour after the first tweet on EWL delay, it then asked commuters who were travelling between Queenstown and Tuas Link to add 30 minutes travelling time.

[EWL] UPDATE: Due to a train fault, please add 30mins train travel time between #Queenstown and #TuasLink. Free regular bus services are available between #JurongEast and #TuasLink.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

Two and a half hours after the announcement on CCL, SMRT tweeted that the fault has cleared and free regular bus services have ceased.

[CCL]CLEARED: Free regular bus services have ceased.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

At 9.58 am, SMRT tweeted to ask ommuters to add 15 minutes travelling time between Jurong East and Tuas Link.

[EWL] UPDATE: Please add 15 mins train travel time between #JurongEast and #TuasLink. Free regular bus services are still available between #JurongEast and #TuasLink.

— SMRT Corporation (@SMRT_Singapore) November 15, 2017

Many asked SMRT to truthful in its communication. Commuters such as Chua Lisa pointed out that SMRT’s communication makes it sound as if the disruption is only affecting a short portion of the rail system.

Wei, @SMRT_Singapore all the trains are affected lah, not just CCL. Please be truthful when reporting. Slow ride on the green line as well.

— Julianah Jamal (@Julianah_Jamal) November 14, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore stop watering down the truth! The delay affects the entire line. Your communications make it sound like it affects a short portion

— Chua Lisa (@chualisa) November 15, 2017

Breaking down is one thing but at least give us the accurate delay time wts so done with smrt

— 임아기 (@imzuboo) November 15, 2017

Also, if u guys dont display the estimate time (to the next train) everyone is just gonna keep on waiting. At least display so people who are in a rush can decide to take a bus or another alternative.

— Shi Ya (@_Miruu) November 15, 2017

Some tweeted issues that they faced along CCL during the fault.

@SMRT_Singapore, more than 10 min standstill b4 Caldecott, one automated announcement ??????

— Jeroen Overbeek (@JOV68) November 14, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore if this is true then why is the train between Marymount and Caldecott NOT MOVING?

— Pete M. Lim (@clay_jug) November 14, 2017

Circle line train at Bishan is not moving either.

— Mark Rozells (@esthervine) November 14, 2017

No buses from botanic to bishan? Damn

— Kenji Chua (@ijenkgan) November 14, 2017

Dear SMRT, if the train is gonna stop for at least 10 min at each station, it ISN’T GONNA BE ONLY 20 MIN DELAY.

— ☆ a|v¡n=엘빈! ☆ (@imnotchipmunk) November 14, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore are we leaving anytime soon ? Been stuck at Botanic Gardens for 15 mins now

— adventurejunkie (@adventurejunkie) November 14, 2017

Second breakdown on Circle this week. Very poor announcements by SMRT. Train stuck at Marymount MRT from 6:40 to 7:00!!!! Why can SMRT make bigger announcements,signs and contingencies. Is this world class transportation? This is what BAD looks like in customer experience.

— Adrian Ang (@Adrianang1709) November 14, 2017

Outer train doors cannot open at cck yay to mid week #smrt

— name cannot be blank (@shiyunly) November 14, 2017

Why isn’t this announced at Bishan station?

— f.zlim (@f_zlim) November 14, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore trains hardly moving at Botanic Gardens and there is no staff/buses to help out with the situation. Another ginormous mess up! Yay! #SMRT

— Sanjay Krishnan (@kappa_gooner) November 15, 2017

Why dhoby ghaut / marina bay also no train? I wait for 10 mins alr :’)

— JOANNETAN (@_JoanneTMY) November 15, 2017

20 mins is a lie can you pls say the right delay time I was stuck at one station for 10 mins at least

— joke (@joke1993k) November 15, 2017

totally no train at Serangoon station going towards marina bay/dhoby ghaut. why no announcement and free regular bus services for passengers at Serangoon station?

— Dengli (@chloeldl) November 15, 2017

#smrt stuck in train for 1 hour on circle line & the official announcement still says only 20min delay.

— Vijay (@vijaypatwardhan) November 15, 2017

What is call travelling 20 minutes in between Farrer Road and buona vista.
There are every station stop 21 minutes.

— Sarah 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 (@babyangel_sarah) November 15, 2017

5 mins??? Don’t joke. I spent 1hour 15 mins on the train from
botanic Gardens to Pasir Panjang (usually 20mins) today due to your track fault.

— Minerva Lim (@minflim) November 15, 2017

What the fck man. Train is stuck at Labrador park for damn long already. Sure the fault is cleared?

— JADED (@AwkTurtle89) November 15, 2017

I reached Buona vista and they said there’s NO train service at circle line. Whattttt #smrt

— V O N N E Y (@yvonneyusa) November 15, 2017

Now we r stuck at Telok Blangah .. why did u lied that everything is clear? It’s really frustrating.

— राkeश kuमार (@r_m1_1) November 15, 2017

#smrt_singapore today, slight delay in departure in every station mean 5-10 minutes in every station.

— Ghanesh (@Ghanesh1) November 15, 2017

I am at botanic garden mrt for the past 20 min then realised that the free bus service is still ongoing. The announcement so soft nobody cn hear, no signs, no directions. Of cuz everyone still queueing n w8 for the bloody train despite it being full. Off escalator also no use 🙄

— Shi Ya (@_Miruu) November 15, 2017

There’s no train in both directions of Circle Line at Botanic Garden but #SMRT says service is moving slower. Utter bulls**t!

— Firdaus Jasmin (@lordf1r) November 15, 2017

Can we at least be honest about the delay time? 5mins and 25mins is very different.

— Yul (@enkonstig) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore … trains are too full at holland village mrt stn.. 6 trains gone and cannot get in.. plz improve ur service.. #trainfault #SMRT

— Anuj Sakhardande (@SakhardandeAnuj) November 15, 2017

It took 1hr from bishan to Haw par villa. Actual travel is only 22mins. So, add ur delay as 38mins. Don’t give wrong info !

— RAMASESHAN (@seshavram) November 15, 2017

Zaini asked SMRT to open the door at the station so passengers can decide whether to stay on the train or to take alternative modes of transport.

Can you open the door when train stalled at the station? Pax can decide!

— Zaini (@iamzaini) November 14, 2017

Sharonlrli also stated that the announcement inside the train needs to be customised so passengers know when they could get out of the train.

I think announcement to commuters who are trapped in the train should be customised. It doesnt help telling trapped commuters on the extra traveling time n alternative free rides awaiting. Trapped commuters need to know when we can get out of the train.

— 榕 (@sharonlrli) November 14, 2017

While, some tweeted issues they needed to face along EWL.

The train also stops in the EW line every 5 minutes. @SMRT_Singapore get your shit together already.

— Anna Zahur 💫 (@annalogueee) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore Train is stuck between Joo Koon & Pioneer for last 20 minutes. Please announce it here so that commuters stay away from this route.

— Richanand Mishra (@rn_mishra) November 15, 2017

That’s 20 min per station, I guess. I am in one of the train and spent more than 20min b/w Boon Lay & Pioneer.

— Richanand Mishra (@rn_mishra) November 15, 2017

Help la what 30mins extra been stuck between boon lay and pioneer for 40+ mins alr

— Kai (@kailepak) November 15, 2017

I am in one of the trains b/w Boon Lay & Pioneer. The train has not moved a single inch for last 40 min.

— Richanand Mishra (@rn_mishra) November 15, 2017

Why is the train so motherfucking slowwww and takes so long to leave a station like what the actual fuck are you waiting for??? For us to all be late???? 8.37-9am only travelled from Pasir Ris to Tanah Merah you fucking joking?? Fucking SMRT.

— ❥CHIMTASHA 🐥 (@parkthechim) November 15, 2017

Why don’t you also report on the overcrowding in stations like Bishan that adds to the travel time?

— Pradeep Nair (@Pradeep_Nair_) November 15, 2017

Do you mean 30 mins travel time between each station? Because that’s the reality. Stop misleading ppl pls…

— Yos (@kenshee627) November 15, 2017

But we’re all stuck between buona and dover???

— Rachel Olivia Chiu (@RayRocksYrWorld) November 15, 2017

Great, the train finally moved a few meters from elementi to je after 20 minutes🙂

— peixiang (@zhongpeixiang) November 15, 2017


— LSP (@Selasssss) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore Train at a Standstill for 15mins at Buona Vista MRT toward Joo Koon.

— Jane Joy (@joyonairplane) November 15, 2017

Inaccurate ! I am now on EW line, approaching Commonwealth. Announcement says 30mins delay from Queenstown to Tuas.

— PK (@sg_beaglekk) November 15, 2017

Please DONT LIE to us. just now 30 mins from JE. Now from Queenstown ? Eh just report the truth la.

— Matthew (@matchan89) November 15, 2017

Asked to alight a westbound train at lakeside and wait for next one… lol #smrt #worldclasstransport #trainfault

— Kenneth Wong (@KWSW83) November 15, 2017

Some asked SMRT to announce EWL delay before SMRT’s first tweet on the line.

Jimmie stated that the train keep on stopping longer than usual from Yew Tee to Jurong East.

Your train stop moving from boon lay to joo koon don’t need to let people know is it?!

— クロバカ (@lacusstellarki1) November 14, 2017

You should also be reporting about the delays along EWL.

— Chew CS (@ShuToshio) November 15, 2017

I’m at Dakota mrt going to promenade and there is no train, no announcement . Why can’t you train your staff to communicate with the passengers abt any delay ?!

— Wendy Mui (@wendymuinc) November 15, 2017

I use 35 minutes from yew tee to Jurong east and train keep stop longer than usual. No announcement?

— Jimmy (@Jimmy69572151) November 15, 2017

Some stated that the free regular bus services were not free as they were being charged.

@SMRT_Singapore how come when SBS buses break down, they cancel all fares but when SMRT trains break down, I still have to pay? What the fuck. Still can do fare hike every few months.

— 🌹 basic emoji (@MissFortuneCat) November 15, 2017

Btw the regular bus service is not free. It’s still being charged!

— Ally (@throughalens88) November 15, 2017

Basic Emoji asked SMRT the reason it did not provide free shuttle service for the entire line.

@SMRT_Singapore The Circle Line broke down and you don’t even have a free shuttle service for the entire line. The SBS bus drivers who happen to have routes to the next MRT look like they’re about to have breakdowns themselves

— 🌹 basic emoji (@MissFortuneCat) November 15, 2017

Some asked SMRT to fix the air conditioner as it was very hot inside the train.

Can u also fix the aircon? It’s like a sauna in the train, and some of these people never bathe in the morning. #freesmells

— An Honest Feedback (@1HonestFeedback) November 15, 2017

Susanoo tweeted that SMRT needs to upgrade the whole system as she never tap the cards for three days in a row.

Think the whole @SMRT_Singapore should upgrade, especially their gantries..I don’t believe 3days in a row in never tap in Nor out while travelling..

— SuSanoo (@Grimm_06) November 14, 2017

Vinesh tweeted that SMRT staffs always disappear whenever there is a delay.

Whenever there is a train delay or track fault, all the SMRT staff will go missing 😂😂😂 #smartmove

— Vinesh Ganesan ॐ (@_Vinesh_) November 14, 2017

Many netizens posted videos and pictures of the situation on the platforms, inside the train, and on the bus stop.

Many people posted pictures of crowds of CCL platforms.

@SMRT_Delays [PSA] #circleline train fault, both directions affected, @SMRT_Singapore est 20mins delay. #buonavista

— Jing Wen Liao (@SoferoLiu) November 14, 2017

The scene at Macpherson mrt this morning after a train fault on the circle line. #smrt

— nicholasderoose (@nicholasderoose) November 14, 2017

A great day to start with.
Circle line #SMRT

— Jasmine (@DancerJas89) November 14, 2017

Bishan station is also facing delays @ChannelNewsAsia #smrt

— nicholasderoose (@nicholasderoose) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore wake up pls! Because we have woken up and are waiting for you to wake up so that we can go to work

— cptslowyeo (@frozentrace) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore situation as at 0827 hrs. World Class ! Stop the excuses ! Resign !

— PK (@sg_beaglekk) November 15, 2017

Like zombies alr. If one affected, comfirm all kena 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ Good job smrt. Hahaha kk sorry.

— mango (@amiraxbdullah) November 15, 2017

Knew it, SMRT. Current sitrep: Longer travelling time between Farrer Rd and Kent Ridge. Bus services ONLY available at TPY. I kena chased out of a train that I waited for 15 mins.

— Shahrul Nizam (@nizaMaster) November 15, 2017

Fantastic way to start the day. Thank you @SMRT_Singapore.

— Ashok Kumar (@zomgitsashok) November 15, 2017

15 Nov 17. Another day another SMRT/LTA mess. Circle line at Bishan struck again.

— Poh S. Lim (@pohlim) November 15, 2017

Not sure about that, mate. 10 minutes stop in Farrer Rd and counting. The train made it half way to the doors and these still opened. What’s happening here?

— Kito Rodríguez Z. (@Kitosk) November 15, 2017

Why need to get ZoukOut tickets when SMRT giving us the same experience ever so often?!

— Jef Tan Yi Yang (@JefSUNBEAR) November 15, 2017

Good morning! What a sight at #Bishan right now. #seaofpeople #smrt #circleline

— Calvin Ng (@skylitmus) November 15, 2017

the train door has been opened for like the past 10 minutes my anus is clearer than this shit

— 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓭 (@grandekeesh) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore [CCL] Stuck at Bishan

— Sasmito Adibowo (@SasmitoAdibowo) November 15, 2017

SMRT never fails to deliver /s

— Toh Jin Han (@nyjin_toh) November 15, 2017

We commuters just have to take in and tolerate all those craps. No improvement at all.

— miakia (@miakia) November 15, 2017

@SMRT_Delays CCL trains from Harbourfront fully packed and delayed, cannot even get in. Avoid #harbourfrontstation at all costs guys!

— Huda Aljunied (@huda_aljunied) November 15, 2017

Photos of the massive crowd at Serangoon MRT Interchange, sent by my colleague at 8.57am, almost half an hour after SMRT declared the Circle Line train fault “cleared”.

— Eisen (@eisen) November 15, 2017

Srsly gotta reduce the fares tho @SMRT_Singapore @LTAsg. Can’t have me spending $120 monthly for this crap

— Hadi Abdul (@hadi_abd92) November 15, 2017

Aiman Amin posted a video of a CCL train that finally moved after staying put for five minutes.

Circle line train moving slowly after Buona vista after staying put for a good 5mins #smrt

— Aiman Amin (@aimanam1n) November 15, 2017

Piss into the Iris, Lim Wei Chun, and The artist fomerly known as ShunfuMart posted a picture of EWL platform.

DAFUQ NOW @SMRT_Singapore ??? This is Pioneer?!?

— Piss into the Iris (@cloudywind) November 15, 2017


— Lim WeiChun ♑ (S♡NE) (@mvp2005) November 15, 2017

Lol @SMRT_Singapore . You suck

— The artist formerly known as ShunfuMart (@StyleDragoon) November 15, 2017

Thanks #SMRT for the morning breakdown…#CarLite Singapore am I right ? @YanzhangJayy @_shaojie @BendYeo

— [+]homa[s] (@SynCPositive) November 15, 2017

Kai Ting, Yeo posted a picture of commuters in long lines at Boon Lay platform.

Long lines at Boon Lay #smrt #trainfault

— Kai Ting, Yeo (@kaitingyeo) November 15, 2017

PK posted a picture at Buona Vista bus stop, showing the chaos.

@ChannelNewsAsia , 0939 hrs at bus stop outside Buona Vista station. Look at the chaos !!!

— PK (@sg_beaglekk) November 15, 2017

Constant posted a video of situation inside the train.

so much for mass rapid transport 🙁 i stand until my legs gunna pass away @SMRT_Singapore

— c☯️nstant (@bxlac) November 14, 2017

Hannah posted a video of the crowd at Serangoon (NEL and CCL interchange) at 7.30 am.

Video of the crowd at Serangoon (NEL-CCL interchange) at 7:30am this morning #smrt

— Hannah 🇸🇬 (@kairos_catcher) November 15, 2017


Some commuters reported that the Green Line, North-South Line (NSL) also experienced delay. However, no official announcement was made by SMRT on this line.

I think its happen to Red line too.

— Adris siaw wei (@adriswei) November 15, 2017

Not only circle line smrt, ur train on nsline stops 5 min every station

— Philbert (@AndresPhilbert) November 15, 2017

Ur nouth south line also delaying 5 min every station. Wtf , no announcement no nothing. 1 year u have so many faults and breakdowns. Yet the erp tried to reduce cars on the road during peak. Late for work will b common in future. Even 5 yrs later ur mrt problems sure continues

— Philbert (@AndresPhilbert) November 15, 2017

3 lines are delayed. NSL, NEL and Circle line. GREAT JOB SMRT.

— KshmirQueen 👑 (@zypenguin) November 15, 2017

I’ve been in the train from JE to nearing lakeside and it’s been 20 mins! Not even 2 stops yet already delayed 20mins… so what are you talking about?! And why no acknowledgement of the massive delay on NSL?! It took twice as long to reach JE

— Ally (@throughalens88) November 15, 2017

Train fault at Joo Koon but this is sembawang? Totally different areas and different mrt line. Every train that came is packed to the door and no one can board. #SMRT you are unbelievable.

— 지니 Jeanie (@chanjeanie) November 15, 2017

Green line also train delay. Well done smrt! 👏🏻

— 🌻✨ (@msfroggieee) November 15, 2017

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