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MRT train fault at Toa Payoh but no social media announcements of delays by SMRT


A train fault near Toa Payoh resulted in rush hour delays for commuters on the North-South Line on Tuesday morning, Nov. 14.

Once again, announcements were made in stations, but SMRT did not announce the delays on social media.

One commuter said at 7.32am that the estimated delay after Yishun towards Marina South Pier was 15 to 20 minutes.

But the delay had most likely occurred earlier.

Another commuter who boarded the train at Sembawang before 6.40am said the train was moving normally initially, but it stopped for about three to five minutes at each station.

He reached Khatib at 6.53am when the estimated travel time between the two stations is usually six minutes.

The delay persisted for more than an hour.

No social media announcements

The rail operator has been receiving flak from commuters for not updating its social media accounts with information on the delays as a result of frequent disruptions during rush hour.

However, commuters took to social media to post their own unofficial updates of Tuesday morning’s delay:

@SMRT_Singapore why is redline, almost every week got more than twice, having train fault? My 25min journey became almost an hour! I cant afford to wake up more early just because of anticipation of having train/track fault again.😪

— Mic Spe Vill (@MichaelVillado) November 14, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore Expect 15minsor more delay on NSL due to train fault at Toa Payoh.

— Asher Bernard Kwok (@abksg) November 13, 2017

PSA: Latest announcement that additional 10 mins traveling time from Yishun to City Halls due to #trainfault at Toa Payoh. @SMRT_Singapore has yet to tweet about this.

— joo kuang (@jookuang) November 13, 2017

delay along NSL towards Marina South Pier due to train fault at Toa Payoh. do expect more than “10mins” additional travelling time. #smrt #nsl #toapayoh #trainfault #delay

— xlcliangx (@xlcliangx) November 13, 2017

Train fault on NSL near Toa Payoh. Estimated delay aft Yishun towards Marina South Pier: 15-20 mins

— GryffinPegaKok (@PegaKok) November 13, 2017

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