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Morning delay on North South Line caused by train fault at Toa Payoh


Photo: POYOSANN VIP’s Twitter

According to feedback from commuters, North-South Line (NSL) experienced service delays on Tuesday morning (14 Nov) due to a train fault at Toa Payoh.

As there is no official announcement was made by the transport operator, SMRT, it is unknown when did the fault occur. But based on tweets complaining about the delay, it started at around 7.30am and extended beyond 11am.

While twitter user, Hui Ling tweeted that the morning’s fault was a platform door fault.

SMRT never fail to fail us. Today’s fault is platform door fault. Haha. Epic

— Hui Ling Shazwani (@linieleepark) November 13, 2017

Others tweeted that they heard the announcement stating that a train fault occurred at Toa Payoh.

PSA to all:
Train fault (surprise!) at Toa payoh.
Train from Yishun to City Delay. #smrt #trainfault

— Jack isuke (@forgottenjack) November 13, 2017

PSA: Latest announcement that additional 10 mins traveling time from Yishun to City Halls due to #trainfault at Toa Payoh. @SMRT_Singapore has yet to tweet about this.

— joo kuang (@jookuang) November 13, 2017

delay along NSL towards Marina South Pier due to train fault at Toa Payoh. do expect more than “10mins” additional travelling time. #smrt #nsl #toapayoh #trainfault #delay

— xlcliangx (@xlcliangx) November 13, 2017

Commuters questioned why there was no official announcement from Singapore Mass Rapid Transport (SMRT):

“Official Twitter channel… real-time train service updates” oh really? Did your social media intern turn up late for work or something? Cause I don’t see any updates. @SMRT_Singapore

— Richmond (@Richmond_Sir) November 14, 2017

@SMRT_Singapore is Yishun to City Hall having problem? Why no info update

— Elson Lim (@open_sonel) November 14, 2017

Smrt doesn’t even tweet the delay…. I shld have reach cityhall by now but at toa payoh so yeah abt 10 to 15 mins late I hope

— パリサ ウォン (@ParisaWong) November 14, 2017

I’m surprised that @SMRT_Singapore’s Comms/social media team don’t work the same hours as their operating hours, given that there’s a need to provide timely updates to passengers in times of delay…

— joo kuang (@jookuang) November 14, 2017

Commuters were left confused with the expected delay and announcements.

Seriously, from 10 mins delay to 15 mins??? Can’t make up your mind @SMRT_Singapore??? #trainfault #NSL

— randomthoughts (@monrandomthoug1) November 13, 2017

SMRT WTF!? You announced that the train will terminate at this station, do not board. But you actually mean the NEXT train not the one that is coming. Typical cockup.

— GrowlyBear (@GrowlyBear) November 14, 2017

Other commuters posted their grievances caused by the delay:

But @SMRT_Singapore THINKS ITS FUN TO HAVE A DO NOT BOARD TRAIN IN 2 MINS AND THE NEXT TRAIN 7 MINS wow great we don’t have to be on time anymore!

— yasmin🐰 (@YasminZorlu) November 14, 2017

Today it took me 7:15am to 7:43am from Yishun to Bishan…lucky I left home early. Thanks @SMRT_Singapore for being consistent with your quality!

— Pradeeban (@deeban1984) November 13, 2017

A post by Dizzy Ziddy showed an image at 11.13am that the expected train arrival to be 12 minutes apart, indicating that the delay on NSL extended beyond 11am.

SMRT continues to shock the nation with ridiculous long travel times

— Dizzy Ziddy (@dizzy_ziddy) November 14, 2017

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