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Some of the World’s Best Universities Just Released 600 Free (or Nearly Free) Online Courses


These days there’s no excuse not to feed your brain. You don’t need to upend your life and go back to school to get smarter. Nor do you need to find tens of thousands for tuition. Instead, you can enroll in one of the 8,000 or so courses that reputable universities offer for free (or close to free) online.

But what if, despite this incredible catalog of free online learning resources, you still haven’t found the course you’re looking for? In that unlikely case, I have good news for you. As Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central, announced recently on Quartz, in just the past three months some 200 universities have released an additional 600 low-cost courses.

If you find that number overwhelming, Class Central can help. It curates classes and helps would-be students pick the right class for them based on the reviews of thousands of previous students.

If you’re more of the hands-on type and want to get into the nitty-gritty of the options available, Shah has published the whole monster list of courses in the Quartz article. It includes offerings in computer science, mathematics, programming, data science, humanities, social sciences, education and teaching, health and medicine, business, personal development, engineering, art and design, and finally, the vague-sounding category of just “science.” 

Here, for instance, are the English-language offerings for the business category alone: 

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