Nautica Does A Stretchy Take On An American Classic


November 13, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? You know they’re worth it when you look great in them, even when the material’s soft with worn-in creases. With Nautica Denims, their jeans were redesigned for updated fits – they’re bringing us an American classic that has added stretch for extra comfort and movement.

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They come in these fits: Slim, Straight, Relaxed.

The denims come in a huge range of colours, all inspired by the sea – and we’re not just talking about the wash of denim. These jeans have thoughtful details embedded within their designs, from a pop of blue on the signature hardware to a hint of blue on the inside fly. Their iconic sail stitch printed pocketing’s still around, but now it also comes with blue in the overlock stitches. No surprise with the overload of indigo blues, since Nautica reflects their heritage in all their products.

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Nautica jeans come in three fits: Slim, Straight, and Relaxed.


Slim jeans are not skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are tighter around the hips, while a slim cut provides a neat silhouette that has a slightly tapered leg from the knee onwards. It’s cut lower than Straight and Relaxed so only wear this for casual weekends – you’ll definitely look stylish but in a casual way.

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Get these if you:

• Want a streamlined appearance that gives you a slimmer look, that also elongates your profile.
• Need a well-fitted look that is comfortable.
• Have slightly bulkier calves; since jeans in this cut will hug your thighs and knees, it’ll suit those with muscular legs since it loosens up around the calves and ankles.


While a pair of Straight Fit jeans will sit low on your waist, it isn’t quite as low as Slim jeans. This cut’s for you if you’re looking for a versatile pair that’ll bring you from casual Friday into the weekend. It’s cut straight throughout the leg and gives a neat appearance that will pair well with a tee or button-down shirt.

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Get these if you:

• Are on the heavier side and have bulkier legs – these jeans are cut to go straight through the leg and is made to lightly skim over areas you don’t want to emphasise.
• Want to dress smart casual, which works perfectly when you pair a pair of Straight Fit jeans in a dark wash with a fitting top.
• Need a look that’s both clean and simple.


The Relaxed Fit sits low on the waist with a relaxed straight leg – these are perfect for weekend use, to lounge at a café or your own couch. With a roomy seat and thigh, these jeans are comfortable with ample space for you to move around in.

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Get these if you:

• Are looking for a pair that’s ultra comfortable – these have space for your thighs and will come straight down your calves.
• Tend to work out and have larger glutes and thighs compared to your waist and calves.
• Need a pair of casual jeans for your weekends.


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Denim’s a wardrobe classic, and there’s no backing away from that fact. But remember, comfort always comes first. You want your jeans to stretch at all the right places, bend when you bend, and feel worn-in when they’re brand-new. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed pair for the weekend, or a sleeker straight-legged pair, Nautica Denim has jeans in every fit, colour, and wash for you. It’s the classic 5-pocket style but created for today.

You can find Nautica Denim for $119 a pair at Nautica Suntec City, #01-371; Nautica Vivo City, #01-87, and Nautica Marina Square, #02-208.

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