Fujifilm’s New Instax SP-3 Lets You Print Memories From Your Smartphone


November 13, 2017

It’s no secret that instant photography has undergone a renaissance of late, though it’s safe to say that Fujifilm has played a huge role in digitising that revolution. Earlier this year, the company launched the SQ10 – a hybrid instax/digital gadget that was the first camera to use Fuji’s square format film. And now, smartphone users can join in the fun too.

Meet the Instax SP-3.


This lean, mean printing machine is Fujifilm’s first square-format Instax printer, and is targeted at users that want to print smartphone images using the new Instax Square Film. That means Instagram-sized photos, all printed out in that stylistic square shape that we’ve all come to know and love since smartphones became the de facto camera of choice.


How it works is simple. First, you download Fujifilm’s Instax Share app (which is available on both iOS and Android). After which, all that’s needed is to hit the print button. Voila, your meticulously curated smartphone images – be they selfies, landscapes, food, family photos, or holiday pictures – will be printed out in a jiffy.


The print quality is good, and there’s also a certain sheen that’ll give your photos a nice, rustic effect. If you’d like to ramp things up a notch, the Instax Share app has a few customisation options, like a collage template that lets you join 9 photos together in a grid-like format, or as a “split-screen” style. There’s also the option to add coloured texts.

Furthermore, the Instax SP-3 is one good-looking gadget. Coming in shades of black and white, this portable printer is sleek as hell, with its jutted, diamond shaped edges giving it a very refined and classy look. It’s also easy to keep in a bag or purse, making it convenient for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of lugging around a proper camera.

For those of you folks interested in adding some printing fun in your life, the Fujifilm Instax SP-3 is retailing for $309 and will be available from November 17 onwards at authorised stores.

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