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All 8 S’pore passports stamped wrongly by JB immigration, luckily mistake was noticed


A WhatsApp message making the rounds here claimed that eight Singapore passports were allegedly stamped with the wrong date by Malaysian immigration when entering Johor Bahru recently.

The incident supposedly happened on Nov. 4, 2017.

A photo accompanying the message showed a stamp for Oct. 4, 2017 being manually voided and written over, with the correct Nov. 4, 2017 stamp right below it.

Any issues stemming from wrong date stamps on passports is a hassle, especially for trips into Malaysia where the social visit duration is valid for 30 days each time.

Any mistake not pointed out by Singaporeans can culminate in a fine when exiting the country.

Therefore, Johor Bahru-loving Singaporeans, do take note.

This is the message in full:

Dear friends, would like to share this with all of you. Our family and good friends know just how often we enter JB but despite being regulars, we have never been complacent when it comes to checking our passports.

There have been many reports about people having problems/ issues with their immigration stamps when entering JB. And yesterday something happened that made us glad that we were alert and ‘anal’ about checking the accuracy of the stamps.

To our horror, we realised that the date was incorrect! The officer had actually stamped ‘4th October’ instead of ‘4th November’. On all 8 passports, no less. So we managed to point out the error and the officer voided the stamps and proceeded to stamp the correct dates.

So, pls remember to always check no matter how often you enter Malaysia.

Things to look out for:
1) Date of stamp
2) Type and colour of stamps : Blue and rectangle when entering, Red and triangle when you exit.
3) If you are using MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System), pls make sure they scan your passport.

Feel free to share.

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