SG Random: Telok Ayer Street


Did you know that Telok Ayer Street, which runs parallel to Amoy Street, used to be the coastline of Singapore until 1878? It was where immigrants stepped ashore upon arriving safely.

Until the late 19th century, Telok Ayer Street was the main commercial and residential thoroughfare in Singapore. It was also the primary area set aside by Sir Stamford Raffles for the Chinese community. There used to be ten places of worship catering to different religions and beliefs along Telok Ayer Street.

Thian Hock Keng temple (built 1841) was one of the most popular, and not far from it was the Al-Abrar Mosque (build 1827). The Nagore Durgha Shrine (build 1828) was on the corner of Telok Ayer Street and Boon Tat Street. These places of worship are still in their original locations today.