SG Random: Darwin in Singapore


Who would have thought that Singapore would have something to contribute to human evolution? Li Xiao Meng, a 16-year-old from China, was a student at Singapore’s Hua Business School. He lived in a hotel where the windows were usually locked, but students sometimes forced them open so that they could smoke.

Li liked to jump up and down while playing air guitar in his hostel room. On 17 November 2005, however, he rocked too hard, fell out of the window and joined musicians like Jimi Hendrix on the big stage “in the sky”.

A court ruled Li’s death as misadventure. Evidence, it noted, “points to the deceased unintentionally falling out of the window to his death when he was hyped up with exhilaration, jumping up and down on the bed placed against an open window while mimicking a rock guitarist”.

Li was given a “Darwin Award” in 2006. Named after the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards are tongue-in-cheek awards given to people “who ensure the long-term survival of the human race by removing themselves from the gene pool in a sublimely idiotic fashion.”

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