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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza has confirmed that she is four months pregnant with her first child.

“I’m four months pregnant. There are no words that I can use to express my gratitude,” the 38-year-old said in a live stream on Instagram on Friday (Oct 13).

She took the opportunity to explain why she had been absent from the public eye recently, prompting much speculation on social media.

“I chose to rest at home because this pregnancy is my main priority at the moment,” she announced to the press.

“I used to be very busy with work but these last four months, I’ve just been staying at home.”

She added that she had been seeking treatment at a fertility centre and wanted to focus on the procedure. Therefore, she had to turn down several gigs that were offered to her.

“I have waited 11 years for this. With singing, I can do it whenever I want. This (pregnancy) is my main focus at the moment and as such, I had to decline a few concerts and gigs that I was offered.”

Siti, who suffered a miscarriage in December 2015, added that she has plans to share her fertility journey with other women who might be in the same boat. 

She tied the knot with her husband Khalid Mohamad Jiwa in 2006.

Setelah lama “Biarlah Rahsia”, akhirnya Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza buka cerita. https://t.co/1TDx0yhkUK

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