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SAN DIEGO: Prototypes of United States President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall have been erected in San Diego, California. 

US Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) on Thursday (Oct 13) tweeted photos of the structures with construction crews and cranes at the Oaty Mesa Port of Entry. 

Several Border Wall Prototypes are taking form or are near completion. pic.twitter.com/aFg9uq1f5c

— CBP San Diego (@CBPSanDiego) October 11, 2017

Located along the southwest border between US and Mexico, the construction of wall prototypes which started on Sep 26 “are making great progress”, the CBP said in an earlier tweet. 

Construction workers building the Border Wall Prototypes, look like they are making great progress in only 11 days. #CBP pic.twitter.com/NctporJ6mi

— CBP San Diego (@CBPSanDiego) October 6, 2017

President Donald Trump has insisted Mexico would pay for building the wall, which experts said could cost about US$22 billion and take more than three years to complete. 

With Mexico refusing to pay, Trump has said since taking office in January that the wall will initially need US funding but that he will find a way to make Mexico ultimately pay for it.

The eight prototypes are between five and nine metres tall, said the CBP in a statement. Four of the walls will be made of concrete and the other four of alternate materials.

According to News 8, the walls have been designed to be tough to climb or penetrate. One wall is reported to have razor wire across the top, while another is bollard-style to be more wildlife-friendly. 

“In a wall, what we would want is anything that’s going to protect us and protect the United States,” said US Border Patrol Agent Tekae Michael.

“There will be a testing and an evaluation process and we’re going to look to see if the wall prototypes meet the anti-scaling, anti-climbing, anti-digging standards and safety of border patrol agents,” Agent Michael added.

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