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SINGAPORE – The traditions and stories of the Bugis people in Singapore will be featured in a new exhibition at the Malay Heritage Centre (MHC), which runs from Saturday (Oct 14) to June 24, 2018.

Titled Sirri na Pesse: Navigating Bugis Identities In Singapore, the exhibition showcases more than 40 artefacts, which paint a picture of the complexity of Bugis history and culture.

Some of the objects on display are treasured family heirlooms on loan from Singaporeans of Bugis descent, such as items worn during a traditional Bugis weddings, practised even till today.

The exhibition’s title also honours the Bugis core values of honour (Sirri) and pride (Pesse).

This is the fourth installation of MHC’s Se Nusantara (Of the Same Archipelago) series, where the heritage and cultures of various Malay sub-ethnic groups are presented, with the assistance of the respective communities. The previous installations featured the Bawanese, Minangkabau and Javanese communities.

The Malay CultureFest runs parallel to the exhibition, stretching across three weekends from Thursday (Oct 13) to Oct 28.

The festival will feature 24 programmes ranging from dance performances to guided trails of places significant to the Bugis community.

For more information about the festival programmes and the exhibition, visit www.malayheritage.org.sg

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