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Just when you thought we had seen the last of avocados, a Spanish company has announced a low-fat version of the fruit.

Isla Bonita’s Aguacate Light boasts 30 per cent less fat than other avocados on the market.

According to the company’s website, these avocados are grown under unique soil and in special climate conditions, so they have the same nutritional benefits but with lower fat content.

They also ripen faster and turn brown slower.

The low-fat avocado will make its debut in late October at a Madrid trade fair.

An average avocado has between 20g and 30g of fat, most of which is monosaturated fat which has been linked to reducing cholestrol and lowering the risk of cancer and heart disease, reported the BBC.

A large avocado has roughly 330 calories, which is slightly under a fifth of the daily recommended intake for women.

According to the BBC, a representative for Isla Bonita told Fruitnet that the low-fat creation could be the “second big jump in the development of the avocado market”.

The avocado made headlines last year, after a newspaper columnist in Australia said millennials could not afford houses as they were spending too much money on avocado toast.

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