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SHENZHEN: A group of adults got into a violent brawl at a playground in a shopping centre in Shenzhen last Saturday (Oct 7), resulting in one parent apparently knocked unconscious and a police investigation.

A video widely circulated online shows several parents fighting, in a spat that was apparently sparked by two children arguing over a toy, according to Chinese news portal People.com.cn.

Several men were seen kicking and throwing punches at each other, with one repeatedly picking up the playground’s toys and throwing them at another. 

Two women were also seen pulling each other’s hair.

One man was left sprawled on the ground at the end of the fight, prompting rumours online that he had been “beaten into a vegetative state”. The Shenzhen police have issued a statement on their official Weibo account to refute the claim. 

Shenzhen’s Longhua district police were alerted to the incident at about 8pm on Saturday. They said one person suffered minor injuries from the fight. 

Parents should remain calm and rational when mitigating arguments among their children, the police added. 

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