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Machu Picchu in Peru

Courtesy of Anita Dhake

At the age of just 33, Anita Dhake had saved enough money that she was able to quit her day job, retire early, and travel the world. You can read her story in my Forbes column here. She also blogs about her amazingly inspirational life on The Power of Thrift. “I love my life because I feel like I am in control of it,” she says. “I feel free. Retirement is better than you think. At least my retirement is better than I thought it would be, and I thought it was going to be pretty damn good.”

Here, Dhake shares 20 tips for how you can retire at an early age , too.

1. Make my motto your motto: “The most valuable thing money can buy is freedom from worrying about money, yo.”

When I had a lot of student loan debt, I constantly thought about money. I was always worried about getting laid off. I was terrified and anxious and life kind of sucked. With each paycheck, I had a choice: I could either buy something that could perk me up temporarily or I could kill some of the anxiety by paying down my debt. It was never even a choice to me — it was just obvious. Why would I buy a new iPhone when I could buy my sanity? Why would I buy a new dress when I could buy my freedom? Money can’t buy you happiness, but the lack of money can certainly cause unhappiness. As soon as you have enough money, you stop worrying. I can’t tell you how much happier and calmer I am these days.

2. Get out of debt.

Every paycheck, I would calculate how much I would need for my bills. I knew how much I had left to pay down to the penny all the time. I was constantly playing with loan calculators to see how much less in interest I could pay. I still occasionally went out with friends (maybe one to two times a week), but everything else went to my student loans.

Here's a way to save: hitchhiking in Dublin, Ireland. (Courtesy of Anita Dhake)

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