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Thanks to Ikea, you can now deck out your home with all the necessities to live your best life. Wirelessly charge your new iPhone? Check. Turn your kitchen counter into a greenhouse? Done. And now, Ikea offers products for the comfort and happiness of your pets.

Many households consider their cat or dog to be a member of the family. So it only makes sense that your four-legged friends should have dedicated furniture. That’s precisely the thought behind Ikea’s just-released LURVIG line. It’s a collection of products especially for cats and dogs. The name is fitting. According to Google translate, “lurvig” means “shaggy” in Swedish.

There’s the cat house. The cozy-looking dog bed. The scratch mat you can wrap around table legs for protection from your cat’s claws. All of these are $55 and under. There are plenty of smaller items as well, priced just a few dollars or less. From food bowls to poop bags, the LURVIG line covers your household pet needs from A to Z.

“As a pet owner I can say so far the normal pet products are quite ugly,” says Barbara Schäfer, Ikea’s Product Risk Assessment Leader. “It’s quite nice to have well-designed and good quality products for this family member as well.”

In creating these pieces, designer Inma Bermudéz strived to understand the psychology of dogs and cats. She worked with Schäfer, who led a partnership with veterinarians to design products tailored to specific pet tendencies. “It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviours – like how they sleep, eat or play – as a starting point,” Bermudéz told design blog Dezeen.

For example, cats need special textiles and enjoy spaces that are cozy, dark and closed off, Schäfer says. This explains the enclosed beds and houses in the cat product line. The slow-food bowls meet the needs of dogs, many of whom scarf down their food too quickly.

Chewing, napping and scratching are just parts of everyday life when you’ve got a pet at home. Now if you want to prevent your cats and dogs from destroying your furniture, Ikea has the solution: Give them their own. ​

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