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‘Keys, wallet, phone’ has been my morning mantra for the last ten years, ever since ‘iPod’ was culled from the list in 2007.

My brain likes reliable routines and tends to be very sceptical about challengers to ‘the list’.

But recently it couldn’t help but notice that the Apple Watch Series 3 is claiming to be able to ‘run your day, right from your wrist’.

Which got it wondering. With the cellular Series 3 now capable of phone-free calls, messaging, mobile payments, fitness tracking and even gaming, could it genuinely take the role of smartphone for the day? Could ‘keys, wallet, phone’ become ‘keys, watch’?

Yesterday, I decided to find out. On an unusually busy Monday that took in bike rides, a hectic day at work and an evening concert, I left my phone and wallet at home and let the Series 3 (GPS + cellular) run my life.

Would crucial apps work reliably without big daddy iPhone nearby? And would the battery last the day or leave me wandering the streets of Brixton without a ride home? It was time to find out…

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