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The original Pixel was Google’s clear response to Apple’s success with the iPhone, controlling the entire hardware and software equation for a cohesive Android mobile experience. And in a very Apple-like fashion, the sequel is much the same.

While the larger Pixel 2 XL moves away from the iPhone-esque look, the standard-sized Pixel 2 hasn’t done much in that regard. It still looks a bit like an off-brand Apple product, even if Google’s tweaks are a tiny bit more stylish this time around.

But what about other aspects of the phone, and what about the overall user experience? We didn’t think the Pixel bested the iPhone 7 last year, but with Apple’s iPhone 8 not making any major strides of its own, the Pixel 2 might have a better fight this time around. Who will take this battle? Here’s our early impression, based on the specs and our brief hands-on time with the Pixel 2.

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