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China’s love affair with glass bridges has hit a new high – or low, depending on how you see it.

The East Taihang Glasswalk in Hubei province is shocking tourists with a glass floor that appears to shatter when they walk on it. To make the experience even more realistic, surround sound effects and light decorations are also used in the feature.

Some tourists have fallen for the prank, including a tour guide who was seen panicking in a video as glass panels on the bridge, which is more than 3,800ft above the ground, appeared to crack beneath his feet.

Infrared sensors are used to detect pedestrians walking, which would activate the special effects for the prank, said People’s Daily China, which posted the video on Facebook on Tuesday (Oct 10).

The feature, installed towards the end of the bridge, is meant to make the walking experience more exciting, added People’s Daily.

But some netizens are not that amused, with some arguing that the frightening special effects might lead to a heart attack among the faint-hearted.

The East Taihang administration has since apologised for the bridge’s special feature, adding that it was an attempt to be “provocative”, reported Metro UK.

However, while they are “very sorry that people got frightened”, the special effects will not be removed.

In 2015, cracks were found in a glass bridge at the Yuntaishan scenic area in Henan province, resulting in terrified visitors running to get off.

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