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Apple took over two years to design the iPhone X, already working on future designs

Japanese design magazine Casa Brutus managed to secure an interview with Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive after the launch of the new iPhones last month and published some interesting insights from the design guru. 

According to Ive, the iPhone X is one of the most difficult projects that Apple has undertaken as it took over two years to develop. While the development period of the iPhone X is not as long as that of 3D Touch, the level of fit and finish took a lot of time and efforts. Ive also shared that the debut of the iPhone X was a “wonderful coincidence” with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. 

As for Face ID, Ive shared that Apple has been working towards a non-contact user interface. He felt that features which do not require physical interaction make the usage feel simpler yet more robust at the same time. While many people would think that the iPhone X is the ultimate expression of the iPhone, Ive thinks otherwise; it is actually a new chapter for the design of the iPhone. He added that Apple is already working on the next generation designs. 

Source: MacOtakara via AppleInsider

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