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Speaking of screen, that 7in display is a real beaut. Amazon has bumped up the resolution slightly to keep the same 300ppi display density as the outgoing Oasis, so graphic novels, illustrations and magazine images look just as sharp as before – only now they’re larger.

It’s front-lit, of course, with 12 LEDS (up from 10 in the original Oasis) creating a smooth, even glow across the whole display. Even better? Adaptive lighting. The less expensive Kindle Voyage had an ambient light sensor, but it was oddly missing on the 1st-gen Oasis – Amazon has rectified that here, adding twin sensors that automatically raise and lower the light brightness to suit your surroundings.

I only saw the new Oasis during the day, so will have to wait for a full review to see if it can lower the lights enough for night-time reading.

The extra screen space means you can fit more words on each page, and you’ll have to do less page-turning overall. Seeing how the screen only uses power when you refresh it, that should mean more time between battery top-ups too.

The new Oasis is physically bigger than the old one, to make room for the larger screen, so naturally there’s more room inside for batteries. Amazon has managed to squeeze one in that’ll get you through six weeks of use – a threefold improvement on the outgoing device. The optional flip covers might have lost their battery-boosting abilities as a result, but a month and a half should be enough for just about anyone.

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