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Like a teenager itching to move out of their family digs, the Apple Watch has been trying to break free from the iPhone for a while. Well, now it has. The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular has built-in LTE, which means you can stream Apple Music, make phone calls and get map directions. How so? It’ll come with an eSIM, which will share the same phone number as your iPhone. Thanks to a new dual core processor, the Series 3 will apparently be 70% zippier than its predecessor, while a new W2 wireless chip means it apparently keeps its 18 hour battery life. It hasn’t turned into a wrist-based walkie talkie either, with the case the same size as the Series 2. Prepare to start talking to your wrist from September 22, when you’ll be able to snap one up for $399 (S$540 for the Series 3 with cellular) or $329 (S$445) for the Wi-Fi only Series 3. Singapore prices are yet to be announced.

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