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With the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple finally gave us a compelling reason to pick the larger Plus-sized model for something other than screen size: the camera.

Or cameras, rather. With the addition of the dual-camera setup on the back, we picked up a nice handful of shooting perks that helped elevate the overall benefit equation, making it the must-have iPhone over the last year.

Now, has Apple done the same with the iPhone 8 Plus a year later? Unlike the 7 Plus, it doesn’t pack many additional huge benefits that really set it apart from the standard iPhone 8, but it does bring a few extra perks over last year’s phone.

But given the £719+ (S$1300+) you spent on your big phone sometime in the last 12 months, do you really want to do it all over again? Here’s what we think based on the specs, features, and our hands-on time with the iPhone 8 Plus.

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