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Doomsday preppers are making a fortune off fears that the world is coming to an end.

Rising S Company sells underground doomsday bunkers at every price point. The Texas-based manufacturer claims to have seen business soar between 500% and 700% in the months since the election of President Trump, with millions in sales generated this year.

The bunkers are made from steel and set 11 feet underground, which makes them useful in natural disasters, nuclear attacks, and other doomsday scenarios, according to the company.

“Anybody can put containers in the ground and sell them to people. What Rising S sells is safety,” Gary Lynch, general manager of Rising S Company told Business Insider.

Rising S Company declined to share more specific revenue numbers, but said it made between $9 million and $14 million in sales in 2016 — a wide range. Lynch expects the company to sell 200 shelters this year.

Take a look inside some of Rising S Company’s most popular models.

A rising number of Americans are taking precautions for a future apocalypse.

In the wake of recent natural disasters and continued nuclear threats from North Korea, more people are stocking their homes with survival supplies, picking up new skills at the shooting range, amd buying units in massive underground shelters built to protect entire communities.

Rising S Company started out as a storm shelter manufacturer.

About a decade ago, a woman approached owner Clyde Scott about building her a much larger storm shelter — around 40 feet long — that came with all the creature comforts of home.

“She wanted the whole works — bathrooms, beds, sinks, camera systems — and it got me thinking, she isn’t wanting no ordinary storm shelter, but a survival shelter,” Scott told Dazed.

He used $3 million from his storm-shelter business to create a bunker company, and business has kept him busy every since. According to the general manager, Lynch, the client list includes professional athletes, tech moguls, politicians, and celebrities. Scott told Dazed and Confused magazine that he’s working on a high-end bunker for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Rising S Company manufactures all of its bunkers in warehouses across Texas.

They’re fabricated from steel and coated with a special rubber, which prevents rust and the elements from corroding the structure, according to the company website.

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Rising S Company builds, delivers, and installs the units without using outside contractors.

Buyers might choose to excavate in their backyards or a more remote location.

Bunkers can also be used in the event of extreme flooding, but Rising S Company doesn’t advise going into an underground shelter that could be submerged in floodwaters.

The hatch door is difficult to reach under water. And in the case that emergency medical assistance is required, there’s no way to get out. Instead, Rising S Company recommends people in areas prone to flooding and storm surges to place their bunker inland and at a higher elevation.

Most bunkers are accessed by stairs. Here can you see an entrance from a family’s home.

They’re move-in ready, but not furnished. “We tell people to look at [their bunker] like an extension of your home,” Lynch said. He encourages buyers to decorate with their style.

The bunkers vary in size and price. At $39,500, the most affordable model is a “micro-bunker” that’s just 96 square feet. It has two bunks, a mini kitchen, and a toilet.

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The most popular bunker, according to Scott, measures 500 square feet and costs $122,500. It has two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, and a separate living room.

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The biggest difference between the bunker and a home is the absence of windows.

Solar power keeps big appliances working even 11 feet underground.

Buyers can choose between composting and “wet” toilets, which use water from a tank.

Rising S Company also offers survival training included in the price of a bunker. It helps people figure out the best foods to stock for emergencies and how to ration supplies.

Lynch would neither confirm nor spill the details about the luxury bunker that Rising S Company is allegedly building for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

However, Scott told Dazed magazine earlier this year that it will probably have an indoor pool.

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