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SINGAPORE – Chef-owner Sam Aisbett of one-Michelin-starred Whitegrass in Chijmes has come under fire for allegedly threatening a non-patron for using its restroom.

In a lengthy post on Sept 3, Facebook user Diamond ShiningBright described how the chef threatened the passer-by with a “sharp weapon”.

The post also included screenshots of Facebook messages sent to the restaurant about the incident, and mentioned that the account was “from someone I know telling me tis (sic) morning”.

Diamond ShiningBright’s post was re-posted by website AllSingaporestuff.com on Sept 14, with the headline “Lady alleged angmoh chef threatened to kill her after she lied about using restaurant’s private toilet”.

A statement Whitegrass sent The Straits Times on Sept 15, said the “trespasser” was male, contrary to what AllSingaporestuff.com. had alleged.

The restaurant said that chef Aisbett had observed a “trespasser” at Whitegrass on Sept 2 at 2.30pm.

“When approached, the trespasser, a male in his 30s, falsely claimed he was a customer at Whitegrass and hence had entered the property to use the washroom. When exposed, an exchange of words took place between Mr Aisbett and the trespasser, who subsequently left,” said the statement.

The restaurant said the Australian chef did not carry any sharp object or knife, nor did he make any life-threatening statements to the man, and he refuted the allegations made against him.

The 34-year-old chef has lodged a police report, the statement said, and appointed lawyers to look at the case.

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, Facebook user Diamond ShiningBright confirmed that she was not the person who encountered chef Aisbett.


She added that her male friend who told her about the incident has also made a police report. 


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