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Digital paper screens are nothing new – Amazon’s Kindle has been rocking one for years, after all. The problem is latency.

E Ink touchscreens have about 100ms of lag, but anything above 60ms and you can tell things aren’t quite instant when pen hits screen. ReMarkable uses a custom-built 10.3in panel, which can manage 55ms response times – not quite as rapid as a Microsoft Surface Pen, but faster than any other digital paper device out there, and good enough for serious sketchers.

In practice, that means you can sketch onscreen with the optional stylus without seeing any noticeable lag. Incredibly quick note-takers might still spot a little latency, but only barely.

It helps that the surface itself is rough and coarse, just like a sheet of paper. It’s not slippery like an LCD tablet, and so creates friction when you’re writing – just like a real pen. There’s even a tiny, almost inaudible scratching sound as you write.

That friction means the stylus nib will eventually wear away over time, which is why there’s a spare stashed helpfully in the pen lid, and a pack of extras included in the box. It’s easy enough to pop one in and out – but just as easy to lose the tiny nibs.

Pen and surface work together to detect 200 levels of pressure sensitivity, and there’s no battery or Bluetooth required. It’s perfectly legible outdoors and in bright sunlight, of course – it looks just like the real thing.

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