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The greatest trick the Apple Watch ever pulled was convincing the world that it’s a sports watch.

And unlike Keyser Soze, it was no act of illusion – when the Series 2 added GPS, waterproofing and a cracking Workout app, it changed the game for smartwatches.

Before the Series 2, smartwatches had no idea what they wanted to be. Fashion wearable? Phone remote? Virtual doctor? None of it exactly had queues forming around the block.

But when Apple took a decisive turn down the path marked ‘smart, desirable sports watch’, it suddenly all made sense. So much so, the Apple Watch is now the world’s biggest-selling watch.

Which is why I’m a bit baffled by the cellular version of the new Series 3. Because cellular connectivity isn’t useful for sports, at all. In fact, I’d go as far saying it’s actually detrimental to the whole idea of a sports watch.

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