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KEF announces new additions to their Q series speakers

KEF first introduced the Q series in 1991, and the speaker lineup has gone through multiple iterations, with this year’s the eighth. Known for offering sophisticated sound for a ‘mid-price’, the new Q series speakers consists of two bookshelf speakers (Q150 and Q350), three floorstanding speakers (Q550, Q750 and Q950), and a center speaker (Q650c).

All six speakers will benefit from the addition of a new Damped Tweeter Loading Tube to KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver, as it improves performance in the lower trebles. A new low-distortion inductor on the crossover has also been introduced, allowing the new speakers cleaner bass.

A new Tweeter design for better sound.

The Q150 and Q350 have been reworked with a Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) port design, moving the ports to the rear of the bookshelf speakers. This improves clarity by reducing the amount of midrange leakage through the port. The Uni-Q drivers in these speakers have also been moved to the middle of the cabinet, reducing unwanted resonances and improving sonic clarity.

With the floorstanding speakers (the Q550, Q750 and Q95), the improvements come largely by way of improved drivers. All three get larger roll surrounds, and new spiders for cleaner bass at high volumes. A new paper cone improves midrange clarity, while the Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABRs) have also been enhanced with new surrounds and rear suspensions. The result: more controlled and potent bass, even at extreme volumes.

The Enhanced ABRs should be great for tracks heavy on bass.

Midrange performances also get a boost, as the new Q Series floorstanders move to a new closed box midrange cabinet. This reduces the load on the Uni-Q midrange cone, resulting in better clarity and detail, as well as cleaner, punchier bass. Performance has also benefited significantly as a result of improvements to the mid-bass driver, which have also facilitated the removal of a DC blocking capacitor, improving even further the speakers’ midrange clarity and a more natural bass roll-off between drivers.

Not to be left out, the Q650c center speaker also gains new components for better performance. It gets a closed-box midrange cabinet, reducing midrange excursion at low frequencies, thus eliminating distortion. The Q650c also gets the new crossover component seen in the new Q Series floorstanders.

The entire line-up in black.

KEF’s new Q series speakers will be available in black and white satin finishes with a seamless baffle and magnetic grills (optional accessories) for an elegant, contemporary look.

The new Q series loudspeakers will be retailing exclusively in KEF Singapore Flagship store, at The Adelphi Singapore for the prices below:

 KEF Q150 Bookshelf speaker will be retailing for $700.

KEF Q350 Bookshelf speaker will be retailing for $800.

KEF Q550 Floorstanding speaker will be retailing for $1,350.

KEF Q750 Floorstanding speaker will be retailing for $1,800.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding speaker will be retailing for $2,200.

KEF Q650c Centre Channel Speaker will be retailing for $750.

All the speakers are available now.

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